The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Plaster Spray Machine

Cement and gypsum can do machine fly material, from the presentation, gypsum strength and general base wall are moderately coordinating, won’t seem cement mortar breaking and void drum issue; as far as energy saving, gypsum burns-through just a third as much energy as cement, and radiates just as much carbon dioxide as cement. Using the right Plaster Spray Machine can reduce the plastering time.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Plaster Spray Machine

From the Point of natural assurance, gesso has a ton of ecological security trademarks like subjective light, retain heat, sound protection, fire-resistant, help breath, can be reused boundlessly, accord with the essential objective that the nation creates energy-saving ecological insurance industry. Created country inside wall plastering 90% is to utilize gesso mortar, gesso mortar additionally is homegrown plastering material advancement course. Look from market value, cement mortar is low, be in regularly 200 ~ 300 yuan, gesso mortar needs tall, abroad gesso spray coater cost is in 2000 yuan or something like that, homegrown gesso spray coater has 1000 yuan or somewhere in the vicinity in particular. Albeit the cost of gypsum mortar than cement, yet thinking about the expense of later support and ecological advantages and other exhaustive components, like inner wall plastering materials, gypsum mortar execution is superior to cement mortar, can work on the quality and grade of interior wall adornment. 

The break of inside wall plaster and the void drum is the issue that everyone minds more. Gypsum mortar won’t seem breaking and void drum marvel, fundamentally because: 

To begin with, Plaster Spray Machine is for the most part utilized to accumulate added substance creation, along these lines expanding the gypsum mortar and base holding, change gypsum versatile shape, make it and circulated air through the substantial square match, diminish plaster gypsum shrinkage rate, increment gypsum water standard for dependability, subsequently shut down the event of breaking and void drum marvel. 

Plaster Spray Machine is through the tension of air sped upstream to the wall, with a specific measure of bounce back, this implies that wet mortar and base with a decent bond, wet mortar is constantly sprayed to the wall, with a decent coherence, viably forestall the wall void drum and the danger of breaking. 

Before spraying development, need to be in the base wall material association, just as somewhere out there plastering surface 33% of the establishment of basic cross-section fabric, to forestall void drum and break. 

The most effective method to make when cement spraying machine neither attachment tube nor stream hang 

How to Make a Plaster Spray Machine neither fitting cylinder nor stream hanging? 

The principle explanations behind pipe obstructing are: nonsensical mortar reviewing, and pipe stopping up because of the presence of huge particles; Mortar consistency esteem is too little, helpless ease; No pipeline pre-cleaning; Unskillful activity, for example, just open the siphon valve and not open the strain valve bringing about tube blockage. The fundamental justification behind the stream hanging marvel is that the mortar thickness is too low and the bond with the base isn’t sufficient. 

Thus, forestall  Plaster Spray Machine to impede the cylinder and stream hanging, most importantly to pick the right Plaster Spray Machine, because the nature of solid gypsum mortar has a sensible reviewing, and blended in with water maintenance specialist, siphoning specialist and other compound added substances, siphoning, thickness and smoothness can meet the necessities of the machine spraying. Furthermore, to change the water add up to a steady as per the directions of the Plaster Spray Machine, the Plaster Machine will consequently blend, add not all that much water isn’t nearly nothing, a lot of cause mortar simple to stream hanging, too little reason mortar spraying not smooth, later evening out trouble. Third, effectively ace the activity of fly gear, each time after the finishing of the development to clean the pipeline. 

Scratching stick board how to do? 

General mortar, to improve the holding power with the wall, the thickness is bigger, this will cause later development is more troublesome, scrubber pole isn’t smooth, simple to stick to the board, then, at that point, can not build the water to weaken the consistency to take care of the issue, if not it will be out of the stream hanging, drooping wonder. The best way of taking care of the issue of scratching pole adhering board is to add a proper measure of thixotropic oil, thixotropic oil with grease, thixotropic, water maintenance, suspension, and different capacities, can work on the development, scratching, so the pole smooth, no work, no bond board. 

How to address the gypsum mortar not impervious to water issue? 

The higher ingestion pace of gypsum and the lower relaxing coefficient are the fundamental drivers of water prejudice. The bibulous pace of general gesso 72h scopes 28% or thereabouts, mellowing coefficient is 0.35 or something like that. To tackle the issue of water prejudice, for the most part, add a fitting measure of hydrophobic specialist and borax in gypsum mortar, hydrophobic specialists and borax can make glue condensate free water discharge, increment the thickness of gypsum, diminish the measure of water assimilation of gypsum, and work on the strength of gypsum after solidifying. The water ingestion pace of gypsum can be decreased by around 8% and the conditioning coefficient can be expanded to 0.83. Extra, after kitchen protects use gesso mortar base plasterer when the shop sticks fired tile, utilize ceramic tile stick shop sticks ceramic tile, with waterproof sewing specialist sewing, guarantee dampness can’t pervade to gesso mortar layer. 

How to wipe out the surface after scratching pole’s harsh and fine opening? 

In the wake of scratching with H ruler, unavoidably show up unpleasant and fine opening, right now can be killed by scratching completing the interaction. This cycle requires the utilization of an airfoil scrubber. When utilizing airfoil scrubber activity, one is to require the material is still delicate enough to scratch, so can utilize airfoil scrubber to scratch down the slurry on the wall harsh spot and little openings to fill shut; Two is consistently with a decent face to the wall for scratching, to keep away from the opposite side of the non-smooth reason for new lopsided; Third, airfoil scrubber and the wall to keep up with around 75° Plot for scratching. This activity is utilized to recognize and dispense with minor inconsistencies.

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