Documentaries to Watch If You Want to be Technologically Aware

Documentaries to Watch If You Want to be Technologically Aware

Often times we watch TV and waste time on watching irrelevant content that doesn’t entertain us and is neither inspiring nor motivating. Also, we often times wonder why we are not technologically aware and lack basic knowledge. Well, we think there is one thing which is entertaining, inspiring, as well as informative. If you want documentaries that are tech related, they will not only increase your tech knowledge but will also provide you insights and awareness. Now is the time when you not only need knowledge but also need knowledge on how to use technology. So, if you want to watch documentaries that will open your mind towards the technological world, and teach you the endless doors it opens for you, negative and positive, these documentaries mentioned below are a must watch. 

The Great Hack 

The documentary discusses the ways in which Cambridge Analytica used data of Facebook users against their knowledge and consent to categorize people on social media and so that they could offer their knowledge and how to reach them. It also reveals the shocking level of influence that Cambridge Analytica has in political campaigns across the globe. The documentary is eye opening and exposes the dark side of social media. The documentary is a detailed analysis of the dark side of social media and discusses how we need to be more aware of the internet that we use.

Deep Web

Deep Web is a documentary that takes a tour into the dark cyberspace that we are unaware of, and discusses the arrest of and trial of the alleged creator of Silk Road. Silk Road was an online black market that was shut down by the US government back in 2013. The online market had everything on sale from credit card information to drugs, to hitmen. The documentary discusses the arrest, trial and all the horror that may be happening on the deep web. If you want to watch these documentaries and be more technological aware, we suggest getting a good TV package that has channels for all kinds of genres and entertainment options, and for that we suggest checking out Spectrum Silver channel list, as it comes with channels of all types. 

The Social Dilemma 

The Social Dilemma is a documentary in which the tech experts from Silicon Valley decode that social media platforms are addictively designed for people to stay hooked to them and to manipulate people’s emotions, opinions, views, behaviors and lifestyles. It also spreads conspiracy theories, and false information in order to keep people busy with the things that don’t matter and to take their minds off the real issues. The documentary also discusses the social media’s effect on people’s minds and mental health. It is discussed how it also contributes in adolescents’ mental health as well as the rising suicide rate in teenagers. The documentary is a must watch if you want to be aware of social media’s potential to shape your life. 

Silicon Cowboys  

Enough of the social media horrors, with increasing awareness and cyber security options and laws, it has becomes controllable to be able to save yourself from data theft and manipulation. Silicon Cowboys is a very different documentary and talks about the underdog story of personal computing. The documentary discusses three friends at a diner Compaq Computer set out to build a portable PC to take on IBM. Many tried to clone the idea, but were crushed by IBM and its high priced lawyers. The documentary discusses the rise and demise that was to alter the future of computing which we see today. If you want to know more about computing and how things were years back, you should watch Silicon Cowboys to increase your knowledge. 

Steve Jobs: The Man in the Machine

As the name suggests, in this documentary, filmmaker Alex Gibney examines the legacy and life of the apple co-founder Steve Jobs. The documentary pays tribute to the man of intense personal drive and intelligence. This version of a Steve Jobs documentary is much more inspiring, motivating, and knowledgeable. It also talks more about Steve Jobs’s life and is more wholesome. If you want to watch something that is inspiring, wholesome as well as educating, this documentary is a must watch.

11:YEARS – The Rise of UK FinTech

11:YEARS is a documentary that revolves around the untold story of the post 2008 financial crisis in the UK. Back then, the UK created an ecosystem that the world envies. It discusses the insights, comments, and analysis of those leaders who shaped the regulatory environment, funded multi-billion pound startups, and the founders of major fintechs and challenger banks. When major fintechs came into play, UK’s finance game changed and it became their best decision to curb the crisis. If you want to see something that would make you technologically as well as financially aware, and will show you the good side of technology, this documentary is a must watch. 

American Factory 

American Factory is a documentary that revolves around post-industrial Ohio dealing with cultural differences when have to deal with high-tech Chinese technology. A Chinese billionaire opens a factory in an abandoned General Motors plant. The workers face a lot of setback and find it challenging as high-tech China and working-class America clash. Apart from technology, and economics, the documentary teaches us how cultural differences make it difficult for people to adopt to new ways.

Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World

Lo and Behold, Reveries of the Connected World is a very important documentary to watch if you want to learn about how the use of internet and connecting through the internet has impacted the ways of human interaction. It also discusses possibilities of how it will continue to impact the contemporary society. A lot of the prediction might already have come true and a lot might be the case in the future, but what we need to understand is that change is inevitable. When we adopt change, we are able to take things positively. The documentary shows us the human side of digital revolution.  

Well, the documentaries that we discussed above are all about different topics and give you a very deep insight about the world of tech. Watch these now and increase your knowledge and awareness in a fun way. 

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