ADAD Certification Courses – 101

ADAD Certification Courses - 101

Administration and Design (ADAD) is included in their CST/PTS Diploma. A variety of business intelligence (BI) products are based on ADAD since it details the specification, development, and design of Database Management Systems.

Database designers must be well-versed in relational database theory, data modelling, industry standards, SQL programming, and database administration. The public and private sectors may collaborate on developing scalable, enterprise-wide IT solutions.

Database administrators are in charge of enforcing restrictions on users and preventing the database as a whole from being compromised or destroyed. These activities help students understand the best practices for implementing administrative policies, security measures, and disaster recovery plans.

SAP and Microsoft offer BI capabilities for reporting and querying data within their applications. You can better manage your business and make informed decisions with the knowledge of the most popular visual data analysis tools, such as Microsoft PowerBI and Tableau.

With the help of integrated database technologies that conform to industry standards, ADAD grads may construct Information Systems that are both scalable and secure. The next logical step is earning the Applied Data Analytics Certificate (ADAC).

What are the different ADAD certification courses?

The skills learned in ADAD are essential for students to enter the workforce. Required courses are COMP 1630, COMP 2831, and COMP 3839. Some of the available electives: COMP 1288, COMP 2156, COMP 2252, COMP 2256, COMP 3156, COMP 3771, COMP 4677, COMP 4678, COMP 4679, and COMP 4681.

Relational database design ideas and industry standards are introduced in COMP 1630, identical to the database courses required for the full-time CST and CIT Diploma programmes. 

Data modelling in RDBMS is taught in a Windows PC lab, where students work through exercises and practise their skills (RDBMS). At BCIT, COMP 2831 is required for all students seeking a certificate in computer programming. Groups of participants develop elaborate plans and show their work to the rest of the group. 

The field of study known as “Business Analysis and Systems Design” examines the processes, procedures, and instruments used in the business world to develop and implement information systems that are up to par with established norms.

In the first segment of COMP 1288, students will learn the fundamentals of Project Management and the terminology used in the field. Students pursuing the Applied Computer Information Systems, ACIS, or Agile Development Associate Certificates can take COMP 1288. However, only those seeking the CST/PTS Diploma are required to take it. After completing the course, students will understand how to manage projects and conduct retrospective assessments.

Microsoft’s Power BI is a suite of apps and a web-based analytics service for generating insightful reports and charts from your company data. Database professionals such as experts, analysts, and managers will benefit from taking COMP 2156, a practical course for those in the field. 

SAP’s Crystal Reports is a Business Intelligence low-code reporting solution that enables the rapid development of custom reports and dashboards from a wide variety of data sources with no or no programming knowledge (BI).

 Business intelligence report planning and creation instruction is provided to students proficient in using Windows PCs and Microsoft Office. Course members in COMP 2252 will develop dynamic reports and dashboards.


Only eight courses are required to complete ADAD, while the program is designed to be completed at a pace of one or two courses per semester. Most people won’t be able to achieve this part-time program during the evenings and weekends in fewer than three terms due to requirements and scheduling issues.


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